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EXL1250/60 Cold Carbonator Soda Recirc Cooler

EXL1250/60 Cold Carbonator Soda Recirc Cooler
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The High Performance EXL1250* Air Cooled and EXL1260* Water Cooled Remote Cold Carbonator Unit develops 25kgs of ice with impressive recovery times. This unit contains an integral 3.4L Carbonator Vessel situated in the 65L Water Bath. The system features a removable top deck for ease of installation and up to 8 optional product coils. The EXL1260* houses a glycol tank and pump internally creating a 2 part system. The unit has been designed for effective performance and improved energy efficiency. 
Built for durability and reliability, the EXL1250* & EXL1260* achieve optimum dispense-point temperatures by combining its efficient refrigeration system with a submerged carbonator vessel and “through the bowl” recirculation. 
The EXL1250* & EXL1260* offer maximum flexibility with easy access to all serviceable components, quicker install times with push fit bulkhead connectors and the most powerful in its class Rotary Vane Pump and Electric Motor to recirculate the carbonated water more effectively and minimise heat absorption.
  • Customer driven design features
  • Designed-in performance enhancements to meet all demands and working environments
  • Ideal for a range of applications – especially remotely-sited high volume accounts
  • First-class build quality, robust  construction and attractive finish
  • Improved access to components for easier maintenance and on-site servicing  
  • Complementary models included in the range

Unit Part Number - EXL12#0T#

Download - EXL1250/60

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